Our X5 "Fundamentals First" PGA Tour Proven teaching system is a "Game Changer."

This innovative, easy to understand teaching system is the culmination of thousands of hours of teaching by some of golf's premier instructors and has been tested on all levels of players, from complete beginners to PGA "Major" championship winners. 

X5 teaches students to understand and master the 5 fundamental and critical "X Factor" swing movements seen in 95% of all golf Tour Professionals' swings.

X5 also uses golf's best teaching, triaing and retention technologies for real-time ball flight data, video capture, 3D movement analysis and TPI bio-feedback data to verify what instructors are teaching and to drastically speed up students' learning and improvement process.  

Xcite Golf's X5 teaching system does much more than simply teach you "swing positions." X5 gives you a complete understanding of what makes a golf swing powerful and efficient so you can self diagnose your swing mechanics when you are not striking the ball well.  

No more "10 positions," or "stack and tilt," or any other teaching gimmick out there; learn once and for all the fundamental and most critical 5 "X Factor" swing movements that separate Tour Professionals from ammeters.    

Xcite Golf: Play Better Faster!