SGA CERTIFIED FACILITY- SGA-Standardized Golf Assessment-is changing the way golf is taught and learned, and Xcite Golf is the first company to bring SGA Certified Facilities to ASIA.

For the first time ever, SGA Certified stardardizes how golf instructors evaluate a student's the golf swing. When you go to a SGA Certified Facility your swing will be evaluated using a "standardized set of parameters" based on the X5 "Fundamentals First" Tour Proven swing method.

No more guess work, see how your swing compares to the world's best and quickly learn where you can make fast improvements to add more power and accuracy. 

No more going from one instructor to another only to have the new person tell you something completely different than what you've been trying to correct for the past year.  

When you see a doctor for a physical all doctors check the same things the same way. The same is true for an SGA- Standardized Golf Assessment.  

SGA Certified is a "physical" for your golf swing given by golf professionals trained to analyze the 5 most critical "X Factor" swing set up and movements seen in 95% of golf Tour Professionals' swings.  

Once we identify which of the 5 key "X-Factor" fundamentals of a powerful golf swing you need to imporve our SGA and PGA Certified instructors will design a proven swing improvement Lesson Plan to quickly improve your success without "rebuilding" your swing.