At Xcite Golf, we believe it is never too early, or too late, to improve your golf game. We provide a pioneering approach to improve your game using advanced golf equipment, SGA assessment, and the X5 coaching method at our indoor facility. Our approach has been developed to provide immediate and lasting results with training methods and golf equipment used by professionals.

Engaging and Effective Golf Equipment for Students

Teaching golf to children can be an exciting, fun, and rewarding experience and Xcite Golf is committed to improving the game for students of all ages. We provide instruction at our facility for golfers of all ages and levels of skill. If you are coaching at a school or through a golf program for kids or adults, you can buy Snag golf equipment & accessories in Thailand Bangkok from Xcite Golf. 

Buy Snag Golf Equipment & Accessories in Thailand Bangkok

If you are looking for a proven method and equipment for teaching golf, we offer the Snag Golf system. The innovative learning system from Snag Golf has gained recognition from experts around the world. The system is designed to make learning the fundamentals of golf simple and enjoyable. The equipment and program are appropriate for all learning environments and effective for students of all ages and skill levels.

Golf Equipment in Three Sizes

We have coaching kits in three sizes to accommodate the needs of small children as young as four years old to larger sizes for ages eleven and up. The kits are color coded for your convenience, if you are coaching students of different ages and sizes. You need to consider the ages of the students you will be teaching and the number of children in your program when purchasing equipment.

In addition to the coaching kit, we have other kits with equipment for teaching golf. Our school coaching kits contain a variety of equipment, such as launchers, rollers, launch pads, targets, roller brushes, hoop clocks, equipment carrier, and more. The supplementary kit offers additional equipment designed to make learning golf basics fun and easy.

Buy Snag Golf Equipment & Accessories in Thailand Bangkok

If you are searching for golf equipment for your students, you can buy everything you need from Xcite Golf. On this page, you will find detailed information about the products included in our coaching kits, school coaching kits, and supplementary kits. Please contact us for additional information and pricing. 


Coaching Kit Basics

All of our kits come with everything you need to conduct a class of any size effectively and efficiently.

The main questions to ask yourself when choosing a Kit:

  1. How many students do you anticipate teaching at one time?
  2. What are the typical age ranges of your students?

Coaching Kit A - available in 3 sizes

Green 26” 4-7 year olds

Blue 30”   8-10 year olds

Red 34”  11+

School Coaching Kit A Contents

Launchers (right hand) x 12

Launchers (left hand) x 2

Rollers x 8

Launch pad (in.c 3 tee’s) x 12

Flagsticky x 4

SNAGazoo  x 4

SNAG-o-matic  x 4

Snapper x 4

SNAG balls  x 100

Bullseye Target  x 2

Rollerama Targert  x 4

Hoop Clock  x 16

Roller Brush  x 4

Equipment Carrier  x 1

School Coaching kit B

Launchers (right hand)  x 6

Launchers (left hand)  x 1

Rollers x 4

Launch pad (in.c 3 tee’s)  x 6

Flagsticky x 3

SNAGazoo x 4

SNAG-o-matic  x 4

Snapper  x 4

SNAG balls x 50

Bullseye Target  x 1

Rollerama Targert x 4

Hoop Clock  x 8

Roller Brush  x 2

Equipment Carrier  x 1  


Visual Tracking System (VTS)   x 1

Scoring Zones  x 1

Hoop Clock – Small  x 1

Hoop Clock – Large  x 1

Snapper Tool – Small  x 1

Snapper Tool – Large   x 1

Sticky Helmet  x 1

Sticky Jacket  x 1

Sticky Pants  x 1

SNAG Inflatable Driving Range x 1 

For more infomation and pricing on any of the above kits please contact Bruce Whitehead,