Our Playablility Certifications are valid for Germany, Scandinavian countries and Singapore.


The green card license system is important to us because golf is a young sport in many countries and people need to learn the proper etiquette, rules and technique to play the game of golf.

Having a green card is proof that you have taken lessons and passed several exams, however unfortunately not everyone who has it, knows how to play golf.The Xcite Golf Center has a standardized exam and can issues the green cards license training, but countries have not yet established this training, so at this moment each individual country issues their own green card license programs, because it generates additional income and gives them control over who can play and who can't.

The learning system differs in each country, which means you cannot know for sure what level of play someone has and if you have the right friends you might not even have to take any exam, you'll just be given the card as a gift.

The Xcite Golf Center can issue a green card, however we are calling it the Xcite Golf Proficiency License, or XGPL, because this is closer to the most commonly used internationally name, and a green card is a document you need to enter the USA, not a golf license.

We are the indoor learning center in Thailand and possibly the world, which offers the green card exam program to our students and the average number of lessons our students need to pass this exam is 15 hours, which is much lower then some other countries. People who passed the exam after 15 hours of lessons, also practiced and played at least 1 time per week between the lessons.

Our most popular class for beginners is an “Intensive Learning School”, where you learn in a group or privately. You will learn all the basics of the game, including the rules and etiquette, technique and course management. You will play on a Short Course at the Lotus Valley Golf Resort, to become familiar with the game, but you will also have a chance to play the examination holes on the full-length championship golf course.

You can also choose private lessons and our most popular series is a series of 15 lessons, which includes instruction on the Driving Range, Practice Green, Academy Course and even 9 holes on the Championship Course. All our students who have taken the series 15 lessons have not only passed their Green Card or XGPL exam, but also they have won tournaments at other courses and several junior golfers have already won National Championships.

We provide the highest quality service in a friendly and relaxed environment and we think we have found a nice balance in our classes between repetitive training on the practice facility and actual golf course experience, that is why so many students choose to take lessons at the Xcite Golf Center and play at Lotus Valley Golf Resort and we hope to welcome you there as well.



Rules & Etiquette:    Answer 20 questions correctly

Irons:                          Hit reasonably straight, high and to a distance of 150 yards

Woods:                       Hit reasonably straight, high and to a distance of 200 yards

Bunker:                      Hit 3 out of 5 out of the bunker and land on the green

Chip:                          Hit 3 out of 5 from 6 yards to a max. distance of 12 feet

Putt:                            Hit 5 putts from a distance of 30 feet in a max. of 12 strokes

Course:                      Play a regulation par 3, 4 & 5 in less then 21 strokes