Now you can learn how to play golf from the pros at Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok. If you are searching for ways to improve playing golf game online, Xcite Golf offers training methods and technology that are used for training professional golfers. Our students have access to state of the art technology, SGA certified assessment, and lessons taught by SGA and PGA certified instructors.

Learn How to Play Golf

Are you just starting out and want to learn how to play golf? Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok offers a total beginners program to provide the instruction you need to learn to play golf and improve your game quickly. This 11 week program covers all aspects of your golf swing, pitching, putting, chipping, on course golf lessons, and video analysis and practice using advanced technology for amazing results.

In addition to the beginner's package, we offer golf programs to accommodate any need. We have programs for individuals, groups, short stay intensive, and more. All lessons are customized by our instructors to the specific needs of each student, so you will focus on the aspects of your game that need improvement and quickly improve your game.

Playing Golf Game Online

Even if you are an experienced golfer, Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok can help you make significant improvements to your game. We utilize the X5 coaching method, which is based on critical swing movements used by more than 95% of professional golfers on tour. This tour proven system has been designed by leading golf instructors to help students master fundamental swing movements and learn to self-diagnose the mechanics of their swing.

Advanced Technology to Learn How to Play Golf

Our indoor golf academy offers advanced technology, including high tech hitting bays with video replay of every swing from multiple angles. Our students learn with innovative learning technologies used by professional golfers, including Sam Putt Lab, Track Man, and K-Vest. Our technology provides essential information, such as ball flight data, 3D analysis, TPI bio feedback and other information that enhances the learning profess for fast improvement.

Get a Free Swing Analysis at Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok

The best way to begin improving your swing is by having your swing assessed. We offer SGA certified assessment to analyze your swing movements and put you on the path to success. Our instructors develop custom lesson plans to improve your game as quickly as possible. Please browse our website to learn more and contact us for a free swing assessment.