Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok offers an innovative golf training method with state of the art golf training aids to provide long term improvements to your game in a short amount of time. We utilize state of the art technology and customized lessons taught by PGA and SGA certified professional instructors to assist ever golfer, from beginner to pro.

Effective Lessons for Golf Training

Xcite Golf has a variety of programs available to meet the unique needs of each student. We offer individual, group lessons, a total beginner’s special, short stay intensive, and our most popular lessons the Xcite Golf Complete Game Plan. Our instructors will assess your swing and provide lessons that are customized to address the areas where improvement is needed.  Our students improve quickly with sequential lessons, video based practice, and on course lessons.

Every golfer improves with practice and our practice memberships enable you to work on your game. We offer options for practice memberships that range from one month to one year memberships at Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok.

Golf Training Aids

Our students have the advantage of training technologies that are not readily available to the average golfer. You can work on your swing in our high tech hitting bays where you will see a video replay of every swing from multiple angles. We have golf training aids and advanced learning technologies to enable you to improve your game fast, including TrackMan, K-Vest, and Sam Putt Lab.

Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok

When you choose golf training at Xcite Golf, your game will improve quickly. We guarantee that you will see an improvement and 98% of the students attending our high tech golf academy have experienced significant improvement in their golf game after taking lessons with our professional instructor.

In addition to Xcite Golf in Thailand Bangkok, our company offers golf training in cities throughout the world. We have 14 locations in Thailand, the United States, Asia and Europe to provide access to professional training for golfers of all experience and skill levels. Please contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your golf swing.